There’s something so lovely and unexpected about round rugs. They’re a refreshing break from the rectilinear nature of our surroundings, which includes everything from our flooring to our walls and much of our furnishings. However, deciding what to do with one might be difficult. Take a look at our suggestions for how to style a round rug in any space.

Highlight Curved Architectural Details

Curved architectural details in a room are often unique and striking, so embrace this unexpected structural element by pairing it with a round rug. This will pull the overall feeling of the room together and underscore the room’s curves, turning them into an even more notable design feature.

Showcase Another Circular Object

Using a round rug under a round table is an obvious choice — and a smart one at that. We love the harmony and balance the repeating shapes bring to the room. Just make sure the rug is large enough to fit dining chairs even when you pull them out to sit down.

Tip: If showcasing around a light fixture or dining table, make sure your round rug is centered under that piece.

Make a Small Room Feels Larger

Using a round rug in a small space is a trick designers use all the time to make a room feel larger. The curve of a round rug encourages the eye to scan across the arc of the room. The rug also makes the furniture appear fanned out, creating an appearance of fluid movement in a smaller room that otherwise might feel cluttered with furniture. A circular rug also creates visual interest, helping to distract from the limited space of a small room.

Tip: When placing a round rug in a small room, try to choose larger pieces of furniture that are slim in profile, and have them just touch the round rug slightly. This allows the curve of the rug to be visible, as shown here.

Layer Your Carpet or Area Rug with Bold Accent Rug

Layering rugs enhance the coziness of space, and throwing around one over a larger, rectangular rug adds the perfect amount of visual interest.  The key to layering rugs is to stick with similar construction and look, so the overall effect isn’t too busy, especially in a bedroom like this one.

Tip: For an added design highlight, place your layered rug under a piece of furniture you want to feature.

Create a Vignette or Distinct Zone

Using a round rug can be a great way to define a space, such as the one here. All of the pieces in this seating arrangement touch the rug, instantly creating a vignette and adding a sense of intimacy.

Make sure at least some part of all pieces of the furniture touches the rug. This will give the area its own cohesive appearance and help to define it as separate from the rest of the room.

Try pairing a round rug with a piece of functional furniture, such as a console or bookcase, in an entryway or the corner of a large room. It defines the area and creates a pit stop, or space to linger, as you drop your keys or pick up a book.

Source: ballarddesigns, houzz.com, apt2b.com

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