Gray carpet is soothing and generally functional, but it can also appear attractive when used in the right way. A gray carpet might be an excellent choice for a living room, but it can also create a number of design challenges: Which wall color should you use to complement it? What are the greatest sofa colors? Is it better to go for light or dark? If you’re not sure, check out these gray color palettes for ideas.

Pick a Gray and Run With It

Your living room can feel light, bright, and sophisticated thanks to the use of similar shades of pale gray across all the surfaces, from the walls and the built-in shelves to the upholstered furniture to the carpet.

This design approach is commonly utilized with a very dark tone accented by light highlights to make a tiny space feel larger.

Choose a Fine Stripe

n this gray carpet, you’ll see a subtle stripe that adds texture and visual interest to the floor. This subtle light grays texture helps warm up the room and create that cozy feel. A good choice for high-traffic areas, a lightly patterned gray carpet also will be more forgiving than a solid color when it comes to spills and marks.

Unify an Open Plan

By covering the floor of the living and dining areas in the same light gray carpet, the home tied the two spaces together. The wash of pale flooring ensures that the different zones feel connected and considered.

Placing a patterned rug in front of the sofa is a clever way to break up the largest area of floor space. It also avoids the effect of having a sea of carpet on which the small coffee table could have looked lost.

Cool Down a Bright Palette

The orange armchair is undoubtedly the star of this living room, but the gray carpet plays an important role too. By providing a wash of cool color, the carpet tones down the bold furniture and provides a neutral base to prevent the room from feeling too theatrical. If you want to create a splash with vibrant wallpaper or furniture, a gray carpet could be the perfect foil. Just be sure to choose a plain version with no pattern or texture that could compete with the paper.

Combine with the Blue and White Color Scheme

In order to achieve a contemporary living room look using blue and grey, you should stick to very light greys paired with dark blue or navy colors. This will not only look modern and refined but will match terrifically with white or black as well.

Source: houzz.com, decoratedlife.com

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