1. Foundation First: The Tree Itself

Decide whether you choose a real tree or an artificial version. If you choose a real tree, you have to take care of it so it doesn’t dry out quickly. And the availability of real trees is also increasingly rare, especially in big cities. Another option you can use is an artificial tree. To avoid unpleasant odors from PVC material, choose a good-quality artificial Christmas tree.

2. Then Specify The Theme & Color

Photo via Vogue Living

Choose the color tone of your tree according to the theme of the room where the tree will be placed. Determining the color at the beginning will make it easier for you to choose decorative ornaments and beads.

3. Happy Stringing Beads!

Photo by Beck Triplets

You can choose shiny beads in the color of your choice or choose wooden beads. Instead of just hanging them carelessly from a tree branch, hang the beaded string purposefully for a more balanced look. It is much easier to place bead string and small lights onto the tree before attaching larger ornaments.

4. Add A Fresh & Natural Look

Baby’s Breath is a popular choice for adding dimension and soft freshness and an organic aesthetic to your tree. Its fluffy white buds look a bit like snowflakes – evoking nostalgia and imagination of snow-covered trees in Christmas storybooks.

5. Go Bigger!

Photo by My Welli House Decor

You can decorate the tree as much as you like. Add decorations from the top of the Christmas tree to the bottom. It’s okay if you want to make it gapless. Go big and bigger!­

Happy decorating!

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