Fresh air, delicious food, family, friends, and loved ones are perfect partners. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate and the picnic schedule doesn’t always match. Well, we’ve come up with a solution to this problem: recreate the picnic feel in the comfort of your own home. Here, are 6 indoor picnic ideas to help you pull off the perfect outing.

1. Set The Scene

Photo by Chris Ainsworth

Even if you’re at home, setting up a vibe like you’re outside is also a great idea! Add some decorative grass, leaves, or dried fruit and seeds on top of the fabric you’re going to be laying. Arrange them aesthetically. You can decking the space out with plenty of indoor plants and fresh flowers to recreate an authentic picnic vibe.

2. Consider Lighting

In rain or shine conditions light settings are very important. Open your curtains and windows for the air circulation and best natural lighting. But if it rains and it makes sufficient noise, you can close the window tightly. To enter light into the room, you can use curtains with white transparent fabric to be able to present natural lighting.

3. Make it Comfy

One of the main benefits of an indoor picnic is that you can skip the grass stains and choose a more comfortable seating arrangement. Large floor pillows are a great way to provide maximum comfort for your guests. Arrange a floor sofa, a cotton blanket – don’t forget a comfortable rug and some sofa cushions as a way of accomplishing this goal. In addition, you can also provide board games to play together.

4. Pick A Theme

Determine the theme that you want to present. Is it an English tea party theme, a tropical Hawaiian theme, or other creative themes. The theme will guide you to select table items you will use.

5. Serve Finger Foods

Photo Via Home Of Taste

In general, picnics are a relaxed, unfussy meal. While menu options increase significantly when you’re having an indoor picnic, it still makes sense to maintain that relaxed spirit by serving a wide variety of snacks. Besides that, finger food also makes it very easy for you to clean up the table after your picnic is over.

6. Option For A Potluck

Create a list of potluck-style meals with guests to take to the picnic, so everyone can enjoy a wide variety of delicious food samples without the host having to go back to the kitchen.

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