To be honest, matching furniture is quite complicated sometimes. Collaboration with interior designer is one of the solutions. But what if you want to do this all by yourself? Although challenging, isn’t it exciting?! Here are some of our decorating tips to help you get start on styling your furniture.

1. Choose Neutral Colors Or A Limited Color Palette

This is probably the easiest step you can take. Keeping a neutral palette will create that coherence, regardless of whether the pieces need to complement each other or not. If you incorporate multiple colors, try repeating them throughout the space so they feel balanced and unified.

2. Understand Scale & The Power of Repetition

One of the most rewarding lessons in interior design is learning to play with object scale. But if scale is a new concept to you, it basically refers to the proportions and comparative sizes of objects in a space. Think about how a tiny console table that’s super tall will look next to a low sofa that’s too big when paired together. When we pair pieces that are different together, we want to think about how they can at least compliment each other in scale.

Repetition can be the simplest way to attain rhythm in an interior design scheme. An organized and regular repetition of elements like color, lines, shapes, texture, pattern, and light can give the design a strong impression of coherence and stability.

3. Balance is Key

Balance is generally divided into 2, namely symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance can give the impression of stability, serenity, noble and prestigious. Meanwhile, asymmetry certainly involves more combinations of objects, shapes, colors, textures, and even lighting. This balance certainly gives a dynamic impression to your room.

4. Make The Oddball A Focal Point

You can put the focus of your room on a curved sofa or half round table next to the bay window. This can be a TV screen, window, featured table, credenza or entertainment entity. Typically, in a large room, there may also be multiple focal points such as a foyer or dining room table.

5. Use Color to Your Advantage

Color is one of the most important elements in interior design. It can be used to set a mood, accentuate a particular piece of furniture, or be used as a central theme for a room. Make these color themes your decorating inspiration for 2023.

6. Use Rugs to Define Spaces

Rugs are a great way to define certain areas in a room. You can use a variety of patterns

in each room to create a different ambience from each other. Make sure to use a rug with a size that fits your room, so it doesn’t look awkward.

7. Use Accessories As Decor Pieces

Add accessories as decorations, such as bowls or centerpieces on their table, so they can play an integral role in helping you achieve the look you want.

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