Who has never heard of Feng Shui? The concept of feng shui is not just an idea, but a lifestyle that is widely accepted in the world, from rationalists to cynics. Originating in China, this ancient wisdom is rooted in the Taoist principle of ‘chi’ which loosely translates to wind and water, in everyday life. Focuses on building a sense of balance, which color plays an important role in doing so.

What exactly does the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 represent?

Photo by @Architratto

According to Chinese astrology, this Chinese New Year begins on January 22, 2023 and ends on February 9, 2024. This year marks the advent of Water Rabbit that embodying longevity, peace, benevolence, prosperity and fertility.

What feng shui lucky color to use during this year?

Photo by Michael Partenio

It’s a yin year as soft blues azure and apple green dominate the colors in 2023. As well as focusing on a cool color palette this year, warm hues of fiery red, imperial yellow, and pearl white are essential you use to balance the elements.

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