Living Room

Inspired by Japanese ryokan-style homes, the living room features low-slung furniture like a wooden block-legged daybed and a vintage leather armchair. The custom wool rug is inspired by Japanese rock gardens, and shelves hold books and artist-commissioned statues. A table lamp adds to the cozy atmosphere.

Board Game Area & Dining Area

Dining Area

Using the vibrant colors  with various shades of blue, including the board game area and dining area. While the primary color scheme remains understated, the custom oak cabinetry and wall paneling throughout reflect the cozy elegance of the Japandi style.

Board Game Area

This aesthetic is complemented by a striking blend of furniture, combining vintage and custom pieces adorned with textured fabrics or luxurious leathers.

Home Office

The entrepreneurial homeowner’s office features a Blue Spruce-colored decor with a custom walnut cabinet and desk, unique wool rugs, and vibrant antique chairs for added color.

Master Bedroom

Combining a modern-style antique bed frame with an upholstered headboard creates a tranquil ambiance.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom has a modern spa feel with a walnut tub, sheer curtains, and a pendant light. It continues the ryokan inspiration with oak details and a custom shower in lapis-blue tadelakt. The flooring and custom vanity complete the design.

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