Trends are come and go, and while there are some vintage home design trends we wish never to see them again, there are others that keep reappearing… but with a more modern twist. Vintage design trends are resurfacing in a huge manner, and they’re just going to become bigger. Velvet, rattan, curved furniture, and even some 1970s colors are making a comeback, and they’re better than ever.

Do you want to enhance your interior decor in a way that harkens back to a bygone era of design? To pull it off, you don’t need to rebuild the entire area. A few vintage objects, colors, or materials strewn around will do the trick.


If the thought of velvet furniture brings back bad pea-green memories for you, worry not. The velvet furniture we see popping up everywhere is not the same as the furniture you’re picturing; it’s contemporary and somehow glamorous. Lighter shades of velvet are on trend, and the idea is for the piece to blend in with the decor rather than be a dominant centerpiece.

Velvet is one of the more flexible textures available, as it is soft, pleasant, and long-lasting. If you don’t want to commit to buying a velvet piece of furniture, you can add velvet cushions, lampshades, stools, or throw blankets to your design.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is created by weaving together rattan vines. Because the two words are frequently used interchangeably, you might be thinking of wicker furniture right now. A piece of furniture can be both wicker and rattan because wicker is a weaving pattern and rattan is a material. Rattan is a sturdy and easy-to-work-with material that is ideal for furniture building. It works great both inside and out. Rattan chairs, end tables, light fixtures, and even bed frames are all making a resurgence because they offer any room a relaxed vibe and embrace the green design approach that everyone likes. Rattan peacock chairs can also be found on patios and in living rooms.

Curvy shapes

Modern decor’s sharp and clean edges are quickly falling out of favor, and curving furniture is quickly taking its place. Part of the reason this style is resurfacing is that furniture from the 1960s and 1970s had softer edges and a more relaxed vibe. Soft-edge tables and contemporary chairs, especially in textured fabrics like sheepskin and velvet, can compliment angled pieces effectively. Curvy furniture looks great with a geometric rug or antique lamp, but don’t limit yourself to the c-shaped sofa. Ottomans, chairs, and couches can all be curving without making you feel like you’re at your grandmother’s house.

Source: 21oak.com

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