Designed by acclaimed architectural designer Wallace E. Cunningham and Interior Designer Kelly Behun who transforms the space into a Californian “Dreamland”.

Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys and her husband, famed music producer Kasseem Dean (aka Swizz Beatz) live with their two children Genesis & Egypt in the Razor House inspired by Tony Stark’s futuristic home.

The main furnishings echo the soft curves of the building, with curved sofas and round coffee tables visible throughout most of the house.

               Photo by Frank Frances Styled by Michael Reynolds

As prolific collectors, Keys and Dean place art throughout most of their home. With a portfolio of more than 1,000 works of art, collected over two decades, the pair have lined their walls with museum-worthy pieces.

Natural Meets Contemporer

Contemporary-style interior with a choice of natural colors provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Interestingly, they combine contemporary and ethnic elements. On Archdigest’s Youtube, Keys mentions on youtube that they are also inspired by comfortable living in the open nature of Bali. For them this house is a mixture of various ethnicities.

For them, home is a place to release dreams, even if they are the wildest dreams.

Source: Architectural Digest https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/inside-alicia-keys-and-swizz-beatzs-art-filled-modernist-home-overlooking-the-pacific-ocean

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