1. RAKXa Wellness & Medical Retreat – Bangkok, Thailand

Focusing on an integrative approach that aims to help you truly know yourself, RAKXa Wellness & Medical Retreat is one of the recommended destinations for you. RAKXa offers a comprehensive experience of holistic therapy meet modern medical science related to self dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • The Vibe

Located on Bang Krachao Island, across from Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River, RAKXa offers a beautiful setting for wellness agenda. The interior is in a contemporary earth-toned style that focuses on using natural elements.

  • Welness Programmes

2. The Six Sense Ibiza – Spain

For those of you who are lovers of freedom, beauty of light, and natural rhythms, Six Senses Ibiza is suitable for you to capture authentic experiences for yourself, community, spirituality or celebration. The combination of science and human awareness where an approach with technological sophistication and high-touch comes created for you.

  • The Vibe

Located in the northern part of Ibiza, it is only 35 minutes from the airport, this resort is on the peaceful and private northern end of the island.

  • Wellness Programmes

3. Shou Sugi Ban – New York

Inspired by the principles of Japanese wabi-sabi and the spirit of openness and exploration, Shou Sugi Ban House offers a complete spa, healing arts, nutrition and wellness experience in a holistic educational setting.

  • The Vibe

You can feel the integration of experiences between the principles of Shou Sugi Ban House, communal spaces, luxury spas, wellness facilities, demonstration kitchens and also culinary offerings.

  • Wellness Programme

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