1. LABS Victoria House , London

Inside this grand neoclassical building by Hutchinson & Partners Architects in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter, a sophisticated, sober and warm design aesthetic is showcased. It is only a few minutes walk from Holborn Underground station meaning it is conveniently located for easy access.

2. The Malin, New York

Malin’s interior blends both mid-20th-century and contemporary US designs. From work chairs to lounge chairs, lighting to wallpapers designed to inspire you. The artwork on display also changes every month. Bright upholstery – dark green, blue and mustard – stand out against the white walls and steel columns, while wooden tables, doors and windows add warmth.

3. Crew Collective, Montreal

Architect Henri Cleinge got the idea for the cafe and co-working space from the former Royal Bank building in Old Montreal built in 1926. The bank hall is framed by enormous arched windows and topped with an ornate plaster ceiling. Rows of original bank tellers were converted to become a barrier between the central cafe and the conference room behind it, while a minimalist freestanding, brass-covered enclosure becomes the host space for quieter work: brass complements the warm lighting in this space.

4. Neue House Bradbury, Los Angels

Co-working spaces and studios occupy the entire second floor. The studio chose a simple and modern space that is relaxing. It is complemented by the building’s ornate atrium with its elegant marble staircase, and a large skylight. The pastel palette, parquet floors and soft neutral linens on the windows give it a bright, breezy feel. There is also The Wyman Bar, where members relax after a day at work featuring the complexity of marble, ruby bar stools and soft globe lighting.

5. Douglass House, London

A boring office building in the West End has turned into a space with more character. Typical with a humorous postmodernism synonymous style ready to welcome your ideas. while a wall of undulating glass blocks stretches along the ground.

6. Liberty House, London

Liberty House is on Regent Street and aims to reflect the creativity and craftsmanship of one of London’s most beloved retail experiences, the Liberty Department Store. Designer SODA Studio took some elements of the palette from the famous Liberty textile designs, teamed up with artist Adriana Jaros to create the color scheme, and the room filled with soft sculptural furniture. The interior also carries a strong concept of sustainability.

7. The Bureau 25 reu du 4 Septembre, Paris

Located between the Place de l’Opéra and Bourse, Paris. Acclaimed French architect Franklin Azzi designed the interior. With a look to the building’s 20th-century American roots and the work of Frank LloydWright, he blends smooth oak paneling and joinery, and a strip of 1970s mirrors. How comfortable it is to create a discussion. A lush outdoor terrace provides a secluded space to relax and there is also a restaurant and fitness centre.

8. SOHO Works White City, London

Such a way is designed with a homey feel in mind and features the same colorful, comfortable and eclectic style designed by their in-house team. It carries a lot of the feel of a gorgeous hotel lounge, blending vintage, modern and custom pieces, while glass partitions and large wooden shelving units scatter into various cozy corners.

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