1. Consider the Type of Environment You Want to Create

Will the space be used for a formal or casual dinner party? How many seats are required? Is the conversation intimateor informative for a large group? Such small round tables are optimal for conversation and flexible for varying numbers of guests. A rectangular table maximizes the number of guests around it but creates a very different pattern of conversation.

2. Ensure an Intimate Setting

A well-designed dining room should encourage conversation among guests. It shouldn’t be too loud or distracting. For an open concept room, you can use a large floating screen to separate the dining area from the rest of the room.

3. Establish A Focal Point

When the dining table becomes the focal point of the room, guests will feel more compelled to sit and converse with one another.

4. Give It a Touch of  Personality

Apart from leaving an unforgettable impression, and being a hallmark, the dining room must represent the personality of the home owner. The color palette, artwork, or accessories in a room can reveal information about the home owner, giving guests a more personalized dining experience.

Ask for Help

When you have a lot of ideas but want to discuss them with an architect, artist or stylist, that’s one of the right middle ground. Feel free to collect various references while still customizing your room settings with our team. Together we bring the vibe you want into your dining area.

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