The Different Between Living Room & Family Room

There are several views on the living room versus family room discussion, specifically that

  • The family room is often known as the media room because it usually contains a TV, game console, and computer.
  • Whereas the living room, on the other hand, tends to be centered around conversations with other people.

In short, the difference between living room vs. living room is small but important because it changes its use.

Structured Layout VS Casual Layout

The layout of the living room is usually more formal. These spaces are great for entertaining and impressing guests. They also come with lots of seating options, such as a pair of accent chairs, a bench, and a sofa – perfect for socializing. 

While still attractive, the furniture and decor reflect this laid-back vibe. The family room contains more variety of activities. Like family events, watching movies together, to playing games. Furnishings also tend to be child and pet friendly.

Impressive Items VS Cozy & Flexible

The living room usually contains more luxurious furnishings, such as large sofas, chairs with striking designs and colors or lighting. A beautiful decoration can be safely placed on a sideboard or table.

The space directly connected to the courtyard is ideal for acting like a child. Modular sofas and beds are also perfect to allow for flexibility in layout and use. It’s a favorite in family rooms because it encourages relaxation.

Choose a living room if you… 

  • Have a big house with lots of common spaces

  • Often invite guests and formal parties

  • Want separate social areas for different purposes (casual and formal)

  • Want to showcase sophisticated furnishings and decor in one space

Choose a family room if you…

  • Prioritize spending time with family
  • Want a space that is warm and relaxing
  • Needed a place where every member of the household has easy access to media devices
  • Prefer durable, fuss-free furniture that can be converted to fit different size groups or even serve as an extra bed

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