Somewhere to curl up with a book, the perfect finishing touch to living room seating, or a bold accent to brighten a dull corner – an armchair is a highly versatile piece of furniture that can perform many different functions in the home.

It’s also an opportunity to be a little selfish. Unlike buying a sofa, where the focus is on providing comfort for a crowd, choosing an armchair allows you to put your preferences front and center. Best of all, if you’ve been itching to experiment with color, pattern, or form, an armchair is a great place to start.

Choosing the right Material

Justin Armchair

Choose a fabric that’s right for your lifestyle – if you have pets, for instance, plush velvet may not be the most practical choice. If you have small children, washable loose covers are a sensible option, whereas, in a more grown-up room, a fabulous fabric could be the perfect finishing touch. With a little love and attention, an armchair should last for years, but the type of fabric you choose will make a difference to its longevity. Read more about how to choose the right material for your chair here

Coordinate Pattern and Texture

When picking an armchair for a more formal or traditional living room, try matching a pattern from elsewhere. Mixing different colors and textures in a room adds interest. When making your selection, think about how all the pieces will work together. This includes the coffee table, side tables, and artwork.

Think About Color

With a rainbow of hues available, you’ll be certain of finding an armchair perfect for you and your space. In your own space, stand back and take in the colors both inside the room and outside the window, then consider which colors and patterns would work in the space – and which certainly wouldn’t. For an eye-catching and inviting look, choose an armchair in a material that contrasts with your sofa. Armchairs are unlikely to be the first piece of furniture you buy for a room. If this is the case, consider the styles and colors of your existing pieces. If possible, get a swatch of the fabric before buying a chair to see how the color comes up in the unique light of your room. 

Take Into Account The Flow Of The Room

Butterfly Stool, Ryan Lounge Chair

When picking an armchair shape, remember to take into account any windows, doors, and other pieces of furniture to ensure a balance is maintained. make sure the size of the armchair and where it’s positioned allows people to move around easily. Armchairs don’t have to be blocky and solid, so if you don’t have room for big pieces, look at lighter options. opt for a slimline design with legs rather than a solid base to maximize the sense of space. 

Mix and match

Louise Lounge Chair, Martin Coffee Table, Audrey Chair

Don’t feel like two armchairs have to match. Even if your scheme isn’t eclectic, armchairs count as separate pieces and can coexist happily. The key to a considered look is to choose two beautifully designed chairs and to give them room to breathe. Armchairs would not have to match is if they are being used on opposite corners of a room. If the chairs are separated, there is no reason they have to match. If the chairs are side-by-side, or in a corner, it’s best that they match. 

Pick A Statement Piece

Donny Armchair

To make an impact in a room, choose a statement armchair. When picking a statement piece – especially if it’s an investment – try not to be swayed by fashion and instead look for a shape and style you love. That way, it will bring you pleasure for many years to come.

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