The late fashion designer Carla Zampatti’s signature aesthetic is an elegant balance between refined beauty and streamlined function. Seen in her former home in Sydney’s Woollahra, a very secluded four-bedroom Italian-style building surrounded by a lush garden filled with statues. Zampatti is distinctive with an intuitive play on Italian romance. In the following, we will go further into this beautiful house.

The Entryway

Zampatti grew up on a farm in postwar Italy, and was nine years old when he moved with his family to a small town in Western Australia. Her heritage and beloved home have not been spared from their stunning Italian design. as reflected in the entrance hallway. She combines sculpture by Elisabeth Frink to fill the corners of this area.

The Living Room

She bought this house in 1975 at a time when real estate became very affordable. The house, built in 1928, was left intact, except she had painted the floors white and revamped the kitchen. But for all the bathroom remains intact, just like it was in the late 20’s. The living room is filled with classic, but timeless interiors and ornaments.

The Library

In the library, there is a Pierre Jeanneret chaise longue alongside a carved table and classic patterned tapestries. It also incorporates indoor fresh plants and lets natural light be its main supplier.

The Dining Room

She does not incorporate ultra-modern furniture in his home. She prefers old furniture because it is beautifully made. It is heavy and has presence which is why she prefers traditional French or Italian designs.

The Kitchen

Dino Raccanello, the architect who helped her! He has a beautiful, clean and minimalist style. As seen in the kitchen area which was deliberately extended to the outside. In the kitchen, you can see bar stools without a backrest and a set of antique tableware as well as artwork by Bianca Spender by Allegra Spender.

The Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom there is a bed equipped with an outer robe. Beside it is a night stand filled with brass lamp ornaments.

The Bathroom

The original designed bathroom in the master bedroom, as well as the pristine powder room she added art from Catherine Fox.

The Powder Room

Source: https://www.vogue.com.au/vogue-living/interiors/house-tour-step-inside-carla-zampattis-opulent-woollahra-mansion/image-gallery/6c63be1c4d53f45d9dcc26fb1fe2315d

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