L’ Officine Universelle Buly in Daikanyama

Besides being famous for their perfume and skin care products with traditional methods and natural ingredients, the LOfficine Universelle Buly will be remembered for their eye-catching interior design. With both sides futuristic and traditional vibes, your visit will be unforgettable.

Ginza Tsutaya Books

Photo by Time Out

Located on the sixth floor of the luxury shopping complex Ginza Six, Tsutaya’s bookstore is dedicated to art books from around the world. You can find rare and limited-edition titles tucked away on store bookshelves. You can also stroll around the in-store art gallery sipping delicious drinks from the shop’s coffee shop.

The shop also hosts workshops, talk shows and even live painting sessions. For interior lovers who are looking for artistic inspiration, Ginza Tsutaya is ready to help you.

Hoshinoya Tokyo

Photo by Cignale Enoteca

Designed by Rie Azuma , this hotel brings the concept of traditional Japanese lodging to Otemachi, one of Tokyo’s main financial districts. Hoshinoya Tokyo is a guiet retreat hidden behind a latticed facade.

Tatami mats line the living area, while the furnishings are simple and modern. The outdoor baths, fed by alkaline water from a local hot spring, is a sight in itself. Here, beautifully carved trees and artisanal woodcuts and ceramics make for a peaceful city space.

Nezu Museum

Photo by Tohoku & Tokyo

Nezu Kaichiro Sr, a businessman who also made a career as president of Tobu Railway, has a penchant for pre-modern Japanese and East Asian art. Founded in 1940 with its private collection, the museum now houses 7,400 exhibits covering awide range of genres.

Several ancient bronze and Buddha statues from China are on permanent display. The other side features a collection of paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, metal, ceramics, lacguerware, wood and bamboo crafts, and textiles. The current building, a stunning blend of traditional and modern styles, was designed by architect Kengo Kuma.

Na House

Photo by Iwan Baan

Sou Fujimoto’s famous transparent NA House designed for a young couple in a guiet Tokyo neighborhood. This 914-square-foot transparent house stands in stark contrast to most of Japan’s densely populated areas.
Adapting the concept of living within a tree, the spacious interior consists of 21 individual floor slabs, all located at various heights. This design is an inspiration for those who want to live as nomads or adventurers
in their own homes.

Dior Cafe by Laduree

The previous Dior Cafe produced by Pierre Herme unfortunately closed in spring 2020, then reopened as Cafe Dior by Laduree a few months later. Here, you can recreate Sophia Coppola’s iconic ‘Marie Antoinete’ montage by combining the hottest styles in French fashion with pastels.


Photo by Cibone

Cibone is located in the Gyre Omotesando building. The shop sells a well-curated range of lifestyle items from fashion, furniture and artwork to jewelry, watches and beauty products. The design of the room is industrial-themed, but not infreguently you will find classic objects here.

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