Born in Madrid, Jaime Hayon has studios in Valencia as well as Turin, Italy. And ‘InfinitaMente’ is its first large-format museum exhibition in Spain. ‘InfinitaMente’ means infinity or infinite, the right term to describe Hayon’s creative practices which often feel limitless in reach.

His work includes design objects, furniture, arts and crafts, with rooms divided into various themes.

InfinitaMente’ brings together two decades of work by Spanish designer and artist Jaime Hayon, for an exhibition on display at the Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC) in Valencia until 16 April 2023.

The Fantasy presents five large and colorful paintings, there is also Fed Up, a large light blue statue of an animal / human figure lying down with his hands on the front as if annoyed or happy with the paintings he sees. It’s a fun and humorous work.

He also presents visitors with his voluminous notebook filled with drawings, collages, photographs and notes, as well as freelance drawings, as well as dozens of objects, notes, samples, prototypes and material from Hayon’s studio and his home and showcases his influences, from Japanese manga to graffiti and skateboarding culture.

Apart from that there are also pieces of furniture from collaborations with brands such as Fritz Hansen, Ceccotti Collezioni, Magis, and BD Barcelona featured in various installations.

Jaime Hayon’s Work

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