Wool Rugs:

photo by Sven Brandsma

Wool is a heavenly plush that feels as decadent as your favorite sweater. Wool fibers are stain-resistant, so they will last even after years of use with easy maintenance. A wool rug can also trap dust spores and allergens where they can be efficiently vacuumed up rather than floating freely through the air.

Viscose Rugs:

Jose Series – Theory of Living Premium Rugs Series

A viscose rug has an astonishingly soft and smooth thick pile. The soft pile makes it look luxurious. It’s important to remember that viscose rugs are delicate. This unique rug is designed for areas without kids or pets. They are not designed to cover busy floors or areas.

Polypropylene Rugs:

Puerto Rico Series – Theory of Living PP Rugs Series

Polypropylene is just as dense and glamorous as wool, but less expensive. While extremely durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, polypropylene rugs are no ordinary rug. Polypropylene is a great choice for modern households that are always on the move. Resembling wool, its strength makes polypropylene carpet flexible enough to be used even outdoors.

  1. Polyester 
Amage Series – Theory of Living Round Rug Series

Apart from being stain-resistant, polyester rugs are also fade-resistant. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning will keep this rug looking good. If you plan to change the color or pattern of the carpet frequently, you can place the polyester rug in a high-traffic area, such as your living room, stairwell, or hallway.

  1. Acrylic Rugs: 
photo Linnea Rug by Love Rugs.com

Acrylic rugs are cost-effective and require less maintenance. It is floaty and smooth. Acrylic rugs can adapt to any condition, they do not shrink and maintains their shape. Acrylic rugs are used on the floor with a rough experience. Therefore, the acrylic fabric is the best as it is quite sturdy. It remains unaffected by sunlight, oils, insects, or chemicals.

  1. Sisal Rugs
photo from drive: Sisal Rugs

The sisal rug is made from the super sturdy agave plant, which makes it low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Sisal rugs are also suitable to be mixed and matched with various styles. Its durable construction will hold up well in busy areas. However, it may not be the best choice for a playroom or dining room because of its rough texture and easy staining.

Rug Materials Comparison

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