It is no secret that every plant has different needs when it comes to the amount and the type of sun exposure they need. When reading about one specific plant’s care, you will probably come across the words “indirect lighting” or “medium light”.

If you are unsure what those words mean, read on to learn more about the 4 different kinds of lighting to take better care of your plants.

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1. Direct Light
Sun ray is shining through the window or opened door and directly hitting the plants, usually without any curtain blocking it.

2. Bright Indirect Light
Areas that are right next to where the window is. When placed in those areas, the sun ray is not directly hitting the plants. There might be some window blinds involved.

3. Medium Light
Spaces a litte further from the window, where the sun ray is not very bright, but is sufficient for some plants to grow.

4. Low Light
Areas where there is not any window around. This is not a decent area to grow plants.

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