We want for more ease, positive wellbeing, and happiness in our fast-paced lives, and we’re looking for methods to incorporate wellness into our thoughts, bodies, and especially our daily lives. This includes our houses and physical surroundings. Fortunately, we can use feng shui principles and changes to help us live a more calm and nourishing life. Feng shui is the art of paying attention to our surroundings. With this journal, We’ve compiled a few ideas that will kickstart your journey to a happier and more energizing home.

Brighten Up Your Entry

Your entrance depicts how energy enters your home and life in feng shui. The front door is known as the “mouth of qi.” When it comes to creating proper feng shui in your home, the entry is, of course, the first place to start. Doors are also portals in which opportunities can come into your life. This is why your doors deserve a bit of your attention.

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There are two things to look out for. First, be sure that all your doors can open to at least a full 90 degrees. Begin by clearing and cleaning up any debris. At the entrance door, a lot of things tend to accumulate. When there is a bunch of clutter behind a door, it can’t open all the way. This means that you’re only able to receive a portion of the opportunities life has to offer. There’s parts that you’re closing yourself off to.It doesn’t have to be fully empty, but it should be uncluttered. Make it work in your favor.

Second, double-check that all of your doors are in good functioning order. Make sure the hardware is in good working order and the hinges aren’t creaking. Check to see if the door closes smoothly and easily. All of these factors influence how the energy reaches you. The flow should be as seamless as feasible.

Then, by removing or adding anything, you can make this place more appealing and spacious. This establishes a collection point for the energy that enters your home.

Finally, make certain that this area is well-lit and bright by changing the bulbs or adding illumination. Place a red-flowering plant outside or put some red accent colors on or around your front door. Red attracts energy, fortune, and luck.

Commanding Position

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The dominating posture is one of the most essential feng shui principles. This determines where you can put yourself in life. Make careful to follow this rule while deciding where to put your bed, desk, and stove.

You are represented by the bed. Your workstation is a representation of your professional life. The stove, on the other hand, shows your affluence. Make sure you can see the door without being completely in line with it when you’re in these areas. You want to be able to see the door when you’re lying in bed, sitting at your computer, or cooking at the stove, for example. This frequently results in you being diagonal or “kitty-corner” from the door.

When you are in a commanding position, you are in command of your life. You are in a position to receive positive energy and the best opportunities.

Stop Runaway Chi

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If the wonderful energy (or possibilities) that flow in your front door fly out the back door, you won’t be able to profit from them. It’s runaway chi if you open the front door and there’s a direct route to the back door or a window. You want chi to flow in a meandering fashion so that beneficial energy can be distributed throughout your home. Stopping runaway chi can be accomplished by placing furniture or other decorative objects in or near the dubious path, as well as utilizing rugs to obstruct energy passage. A room separator or a faceted crystal hung near one of the doorways can also help.

Remove Obstacles in Your Path

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Take a close look at your regular routine at home. Yes, we’re asking you to take a close look at the path you take when you walk around your house. From the moment you wake up and get out of bed, to the restroom, and so on as you leave the house. Then you come home, prepare dinner, and go back to bed.

We get desensitized to all of the roadblocks and physical impediments we encounter on a daily basis. Maybe it’s the flickering light fixture or the stuck door that you have to bang shut every time. When you have to squeeze through a crowded hallway, it’s a challenge. All of this impacts you when you desperately stare into a closet stuffed with items that no longer fit you! These impediments might build up over time and cause us trouble.

The first step is to become aware of the obstacle, and then to adjust with kindness. Be kind with yourself. At a time, one item at a time.

Use Mirrors Wisely

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Mirrors reflect energy, so place them in areas where you’d like to see more of it. Also, make certain that the mirrors reflect something lovely. You don’t want low-energy or negative things like kitchen garbage cans to reflect in mirrors. Finally, if you want to add mirrors to your bedroom design, consider twice. They have the ability to invigorate the room, which is fantastic when you’re making love (for instance) but not so great for getting adequate sleep.

Seek for a balance

Make sure each area has something that represents the five elements: wood, earth, metal, fire, and water. The idea is to maintain a sense of grounding, centeredness, and equilibrium in your life and surroundings. Place a candle and a vase of flowers next to a wooden bowl filled with stone pebbles, for example. Alternatively, use colors that represent the five elements:

Water is represented by black. Green is the color of wood. Fire is represented by the color red. Earth colors are yellow, tan, and brown. White denotes metal. 

Bring the Outside In

Nature instills a sense of calm. Nature watching, in fact, has been shown to lower anger and anxiety while increasing emotions of joy. So let in as much natural light as possible, open windows and doors to let fresh air in, and bring plants inside. Decorate with bamboo, wood, or wicker, and add texture with stones and rocks. Paintings of nature and its serenity can also be used to decorate the walls. In feng shui, plants embody life energy.

Living green house plants connect us to nature and bring vibrancy into our homes. Plants have their own chi and will attract it to themselves. You don’t have a green thumb, the next best thing is to use high-quality silk plants and flowers rather than plastic. Plants work best in the kitchen (to create balance between hot and cold appliances), the dining area (to attract abundance), and the family room (to promote health, life, and connection).  

Source: thespruce.com, mydomaine.com, everydayhealth.com

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