After a while, white walls get blasé, and neutral rooms feel overplayed. To really add some personality to a room, it’s all about leaning into color: pinks, reds, greens, oranges, even yellows. But the one color that surpasses almost any other is trusty blue. Unlike warm shades—and some other cool tones—blue is seemingly universal. The color can be simultaneously as bright and vivid as it is a complimentary neutral. That’s why we’re completely swooning over blue bedrooms.

From soft blue to dark shades of indigo and navy, blue is a dynamic color that can transform any bedroom from basic to beautiful. But don’t fear if you’re color averse—blue works as an accent color too. You can start with a neutral base palette when designing spaces, but love to bring in subtle pops of color through rugs, pillows, accessories, and accent pieces.

Soften Things With Gray

To soften the sharpness of a blue and white color scheme, incorporate plenty of pale gray tones. You can still have a blue bedroom without going too daring. Choose a blue-gray hue so that, depending on the lighting, it can almost look neutral. That way, you won’t have to worry about clashing colors in the rest of your décor.

Start With a Neutral Palette

If subtlety is your thing, take a cue from this calming bedroom. You can add blue to your room while still keeping a neutral color palette. Add in cozy linens or a pillow in shades of blue to create a pop. Blue makes for a great accent color in the bedroom, as it provides a lot of versatility, is very calming and relaxing. As versatile as can be, and will complement basically almost every decor scheme when styled well.

Stick to One Shade

A soothing soft blue feels like a breath of fresh air when you walk into the room. Especially when you use the same color for everything, save artwork and a houseplant. It adds an ethereal, dreamy quality to every space but also offers a ton of versatility, making it particularly well-suited for the bedroom.

Add Soft Pastel Color

Blue and white is a classic color scheme, but it can feel a bit too crisp for some. Soft, pastel shades of blue create a serene, romantic vibe in your bedroom. When combined with plenty of natural light, the effect is light and airy, even though your walls aren’t painted white. To warm up a bright bedroom without painting all the surfaces something other than the classic white. cover your wall with warm and neutral color.

Set the Room Mood

Before you totally fall in love with a paint color (and, even more importantly, before you paint the walls), consider the mood you want to set. For example, if you want something that feels super warm and calming, you’ll want to opt for something a bit more earthy and dark instead of white or a cheerful turquoise.

Mix Navy and Brown

Although many might think that neutral colors are only black, gray, brown, and white, blue is perhaps the unsung hero of neutrals. For a sophisticated vibe in your bedroom, mix navy with brown. The two colors can liven up a neutral bedroom without feeling like it’s too much. Best of all, the classic, traditional combo never goes out of style. Darker shades like sapphire and indigo mesh well with various browns, creams, and even blacks.

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