Configuring the layout of your small apartment might feel like a full-time job in and of itself, especially if your space is smaller than most. What kind of furniture should you buy and how much should you spend? Is the area already cluttered? how to set up a workplace as well? What about the hues of the paint? The questions are limitless, and once you’ve answered one, it’s not uncommon for that answer to prompt ten more. Fortunately, the joy of creative freedom—and the power of the internet—means that no matter how little your apartment is, you’ll be able to find lots of ideas and layouts that will work for you.

Start With the Essentials

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The easiest method to begin designing your new studio apartment is to get rid of any unnecessary objects. Start anew with a clean, clutter-free environment—and simplify your life in the process. Begin by purging your closet, cooking utensils, bathroom supplies, and even old décor that no longer fits your aesthetic.

Create Continuity

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One of the tricks for your apartment to appear to be spacious is to keep your space painted in complementary neutral colors. Make your entrance, kitchen, and bedroom painted in complementary colors, creating a visual progression of space. And keep sole pop of color in the back living space—Then everything else is kept completely neutral.

Use Mirrors

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It’s the oldest design trick in the book: Mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. The mirror will generate and bounce light, so it has maximized effect that will generate a wider space effect.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

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When choosing furniture, think about how many functions it can perform. Consider a coffee table to provide plenty of surface area, also provide storage boxes for shoes, jackets, hats, and bags. The simple cube ottoman, which can be relocated around the room as a footrest for the sofa or seating for guests, is also one of our favorites.

Choose a Smaller Bed Size

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While it may be hard to let go of your luxe king- or queen-sized bed, opting for a twin or full mattress is one of the easiest ways to save space in a small apartment. Pair it with furniture like modular ottomans that can be repurposed into a guest bed or extra seating as necessary, and add plush bedding to keep the feeling cozy. Style your sofa on the opposite wall of the bed for a dynamic layout that keeps your sleeping and living spaces separate.

Consider a Daybed

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If your studio doesn’t have the square footage for a bed and a sofa, consider designing a stylish daybed to serve both purposes. This functional and attractive piece of furniture can be your go-to seating at home—whether you’re hanging out with friends, watching a movie, or going to bed. It’s especially helpful when you need to save space for a dining table that can be used for meals and working (or studying) in your apartment.

Consider Your Layout

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When you’re working with limited space, it’s important to make every inch count—so get creative when you’re deciding on a layout. for example, you can place a small desk next to the bed to use as a side table. Use a small desk that has more wide surface for your needs and more storage than the bedside table. Open and closed storage inside the desk also makes for easy places to store laptops, books, and other necessities without taking up space on surfaces.

Avoid Clutter

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Kitchens are especially prone to clutter, as they tend to fill up with dishware, utensils, small appliances, and food. But keeping your space clear of stacked-up items is important throughout your apartment to make the design feel larger. Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and space between items all help to give the apartment a more airy, open vibe.

Make Every Detail Count

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You don’t have a lot of space for creative designs in a studio apartment, so it’s important to make every detail count. Choose your décor wisely—anything that takes up a significant amount of space should have a purpose. choose a side table that offers an extra shelf and small drawers to store books and other important items, while a small photo on the surface completes the look.

Source: mydomaine.com, housebeautiful.com

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