For those who enjoy entertaining guests, the dining room is often a source of pride. And being able to properly seat everyone is an important aspect of a beautiful dining room. If you want to do this, you’ll need to get dining room chairs that you’ll be proud to display at your next dinner party. Here are some things to think about when you go shopping for chairs.

Find Chairs That Will Fit the Space You Have

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Because you need them to fit properly around your table, the size of your dining room chairs is quite important. As a result, the ideal dining chair style will be determined by the dimensions.

Measure the room where you’ll put the chairs, as well as the table, before you buy any. You’ll need to think about both the width and the height.

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Keep in mind that the average dining room chair is 18 inches or ±45 cm from the floor to the seat, and the average table is 30 inches or ±76 cm tall. Unless your table is larger, you should stay with chairs that are about 18 inches or ±45 cm high to ensure that everyone has ample leg room.

After you’ve determined the ideal dining chair height, you’ll need to determine how many chairs will fit around your table. Allow 60 cm between each chair. A 183 cm long table seats six people comfortably, a 245 cm table seats eight people comfortably, and a 300 cm table seats ten people comfortably. Of course, in a pinch or for large events, you can add a few extra, but your table should be set for everyday comfort, not for a once-a-year party.

Image Source: ballarddesigns.com

If your table is an unusual size or form, the rule of thumb is that each chair should have at least 7 inches or ±16 cm of space between them for elbow room. And, unless you want your guests to get stuck every time they try to leave the table, you should leave 91 cm between the chairs and any walls or other dining room furniture.

The Material of the Dining Chairs

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Dining room chairs come in all kinds of materials, so it can be hard to narrow down the right one for your home. There are several aspects to consider when deciding between upholstered and non-upholstered chairs, and each has its own set of benefits. A non-upholstered chair is usually narrower and easier to maneuver around a smaller table. If you like to hold lengthy, slow dinner parties, though, you could want to go with something upholstered, as it will be more comfortable if you stay after dinner.

If you have a large table or a spacious room, an upholstered armchair dining chair is the most comfortable alternative, but make sure there is 7 inches or 18 cm of space between the chair’s arm and the table.

Wood dining chairs are ideal for a traditional-styled home, especially if they are accompanied by other wood furnishings. Depending on how formal you want them to look, you can purchase them with or without wooden arms or upholstered seats and backs.

Metal dining chairs, on the other hand, have a contemporary feel and can be used to update any environment. Plus, because they’re usually lightweight, you can quickly move them to another room or even outside if necessary. They’re also simple to clean, as spills may simply be wiped away from the metal surface.

The Style for Your Dining Room

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Now you can focus on the design after you’ve chosen chairs that are the proper size and constructed of the material you desire for your dining area. This entails paying close attention to the colors and patterns that are most appropriate for your home. If the majority of your furniture and walls are painted in neutral hues, beige, white, or light brown chairs may be appropriate for your dining area. Of course, it is a fantastic time to add some color to the space with teal, orange, or other brightly colored chairs.

If you want your chairs to have a bit more individuality, now is the time to choose a pattern. Rather than opting with a solid hue, consider a paisley print. You can even go a step further and use zebra stripes or a similar pattern to show off your playful side.

Since it’s used the most in the evenings and on special occasions for this reason, they’re the perfect room, you can play with color and pattern a bit more for packing in the personality. Chairs are the perfect way to layer in unusual patterns, shapes, and colors.

Dining Room Chair Styles

Before discussing the Dining Room Chair Styles, it’s good to know some types of dining chairs you might need to know

A few common types of dining chairs include:

  • Skirted chairs, which feature a base skirt made of linen to cover the chair’s legs.
  • Parsons chairs, which are armless and upholstered, usually with visible metal or wood legs.
  • Slipper chairs, which are similar to Parsons chairs except for the base, which is usually skirted or covered.
  • Windsor chairs, which are wood or metal and feature a rounded-top backrest with exposed slats.
  • Armless chairs, or any chair type without arms.
  • With arms chairs, or any chair type with arms.
  • Traditional chairs, which feature exposed legs, a rectangular backrest, arms and an upholstered seat.

The varieties mentioned above are available in a variety of styles. Traditional (which is also a kind; see above), modern, contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, and rustic are some of the most popular dining room chair styles. Clean lines, minimal upholstery, and a solid color palette will characterize everything modern and contemporary; distressed surfaces and warm colors will characterize everything rustic and farmhouse; lots of metal and exposed framework will characterize everything industrial; and intricate patterns, curved edges, and rich colors will characterize everything traditional.

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