1. Create A Flexible Home Office

You can use multi-functional pieces in your dining space to make an office day by day, and dining day by night.

2. Get Creative With A Music Room

Make your dining room more relaxed with the chanting of your favorite song, so that the dining room can be an entertainment room at the same time.

3. Meeting Space Is Also A Great Idea!

If you often invite your colleagues to meetings at home, the dining room is the solution. In addition, the dining room can also be used by your teenagers to do their school assignments. Use an upright and soft chair, so they can feel comfortable while working.

4. Tidy Up With Cabinet

Photo by Spacejoy

Worried you might have too many things in your dining room? Cabinet is the answer. Just make sure to consider whether or not you want your things on show when choosing between open and closed storage options.

5. Give Your Family A Second Living Room

Sofas and lounge chairs can soften your dining room and make it feel more comfortable and relaxing. Adding a sofa is also a great way to fill an awkward or empty space in a long dining room.

6. Is This Time For Art? Why Not?

The dining room can also be a play room for children. Why not use your multifunctional dining table as a space for them to color? For older children, it is possible to climb into the seat. But what about small children? You can also set up a painting kit right next to the dining area to keep it safe

7. Combine With Kitchen

Combining your kitchen and dining area is a great way to save space while preserving functionality. One way is to install chairs with a color scheme that match with the dominant color of the room or use furniture with muted colors

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