Pattern Enhancing the Drama

Design by @arentpykestudio & @sumichchaplinarchitects, Photo by @smartanson

Incorporating patterns is a wonderful way to create a dramatic effect in your space. They can be the focal point that adds a wow factor to your home, making them the highlight of your design.

Patterns provide both depth and direction

Photo by Chris Mottalini⁠ via Elle Decor

Patterns can add depth to a room by capturing your attention. Whether it’s a print on the wall or the arrangement of tiles on the floor, wall or ceiling, a pattern can transform a simple, flat surface into one with a nearly three-dimensional effect.

Patterns Generate Energy

Photo by Chris Mottalini via Elle Decor

Patterns possess energy as they recur. While a single patterned chair may appear unremarkable, when placed around a dining table repeatedly, it generates energy, evoking a feeling of motion and liveliness.

Pattern Brings Emphasis

Patterns can be used, along with other interior design elements, to emphasize aspects of a room. For example, a curved sofa that matches the shape and pattern of the carpet. Or a ceiling that reflects the items beneath it, where each other is a circle.

Pattern Unites Everything

Patterns create harmony, bringing elements of a room together to form a unified design. Utilizing patterns effectively can transform a space with individual pieces into a coherent interior scheme.

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